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Make the most of your summers with Radiance Townhomes

December 5, 2018



It is not a secret that as the summer season approaches everyone starts thinking about outdoor stylish and practical decoration options to fully enjoy the warm sunny weather. At Radiance, each townhome has a resort feel to it that can be either relaxing or energizing – depending on your mood and occasion.  With outdoor views, these sun-filled homes are the perfect place to kick back and enjoy true indoor-outdoor living. Each one of these modern towns offers outstanding features to stamp out an architectural statement that comprises of sun shine terraces, balconies, and optional roof top terraces making the options for decorating endless.


The interior concept focuses on the availability of enough light enhanced by the expansive windows and airy spaces that allows for a seamless integration of outdoor space for entertainment, relaxing, or even for playing.


Radiance offers an intimate size balcony from the master bedroom. Such an arrangement is ideal for couples to enjoy a quiet morning coffee.  The balconies allow you a space to relax when enjoying the warmth of the sun, which can be transformed into the best of your tastes and personal style.  A popular set-up is a small table with two chairs because it’s functional, attractive, and versatile. A small area rug is a nice touch to bring some warmth to the balcony and adding plants and flowers always bring life to any space.


Experiencing lack of enough space in a house is a common modern problem. At Radiance, you can find a way of extending it to get the most out of your terrace. Making an extension for your terrace does not necessarily imply that you will get the biggest of spaces, but rather creating space that is just enough for your needs so that it can be used for poring over the paper with a cup of coffee. The living room isn't the only spot to enjoy a glass of wine or lemonade with your friends.
And if you need to expand your outdoor foot print even more, Radiance has the optional rooftop terrace. It is a great way of reclaiming the open-air space at the roof of each unit. You can use the rooftop terraces in several ways, such as a space for entertainment, relaxation sanctuary, as well as an additional outdoor garden. With hundreds of options, you could turn this space into the perfect place to entertain guests or create a private oasis to soak up the summer sun with cozy patio furniture, fire pits and container gardens. The terrace fantastically compliments the townhomes giving an increment in the life of the roof, reduces noise pollution, as well as promotes cooler temperatures especially during the summer season.


When it comes to decorating, different people express a lot of difference in terms of their personal taste and style. At times, most people tend to task decorators with their outdoor designs. However, it is always important to incorporate your ideas and knowledge into the mix when choosing a theme that will align with the unique outdoor space. Such a focus gives you much insight, clarity, and confidence about what to include in your theme’s choices. The theme that you settle for is of much significance when it comes to establishing the foundation of all of your exteriors.


You can choose a variety of themes including traditional, modern, contemporary, industrial, and bohemian. The traditional theme incorporates several dark shades with rich hues like reds and browns. If you decide to use fabric designs, it is advisable to consider floral prints.  Adding several antique style accents provides a timeless traditional theme for any outdoor space.  The industrial theme uses wood, metal, and steel as the primary elements. Furnishings typically include salvaged objects, including metal pendants and aluminum chairs. Decorate with a plant to give the room a sense of life and a pop of color.


The bohemian theme is a creative and eclectic combination, which is hard to categorize but offers a special reflection of one’s personal tastes and styles. The theme comprises a display of various aspects of your space that focuses on the extreme use of color with stripes and eye-popping florals.  Stick to vibrant tangerine and fuchsia colors. Bohemian style is all about mixing colors, patterns and textures, and a bold overdyed rug is the perfect embodiment of this. There is something about candles and lanterns that create the perfect atmosphere of the warm weather outdoor glow. This is essential for bohemian living.

The contemporary theme characterizes combined or blended style. It is ideal for individuals who do not love the idea of pigeonholed into a certain type of style. The theme exudes some level of subtleness and softness featuring warm overtones to give you the chance to enjoy the best from different worlds. The beauty of the contemporary theme is that it carries a mix of designs while at the same time breaking a few orthodox presentation rules. While, the modern theme comprises geometric shapes and prints on glass, plastic, and glossy metals. It also features a variety of natural color schemes to give a clean and stylish look but not to be confused.


Regardless of the several themes that you can choose for your outdoor space, it is always important to focus on what style works well for you. Incorporating the things that you enjoy and love in the space is the best way that you can express your personality and style statement even to a case where a professional has decorated the space. A simple thing such as incorporating outdoor plants can help achieve a theme that expresses your personal style.

Some other important decorations you can add include an umbrella shade, which can be useful in case of much sunshine, or rain. Secondly, you can consider including a few seats or sofas to convert your terrace into a great lounge where you can relax any time of the day. Outdoor plants add life to any outdoor space and hence, are a must-have. Depending on the use of the terrace, you can consider adding a fireplace especially for use in the evening. Water features are also a great option on a terrace and can create a calm and tranquil environment. 


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